The Ajinomoto group Creating Shared Value


The aspiration and concept of the founder of "Ajinomoto"

The Ajinomoto Group has been emphasizing on building Economic Value along with Social Value
Prof.Dr.Kikunae Ikeda

“I would like to create seasoning product in a reasonable price and change nutritional but simple meal into a superb one”

Prof.Dr.Kikunae Ikeda Discoverer of the umami taste

Mr.Saburosuke Suzuki II

“I would like to create seasoning product in a reasonable price and change nutritional but simple meal into a superb one”

Mr.Saburosuke Suzuki II , Founder of the Ajinomoto Group

Regarding this determination and concept since initiating the business, we are able to grow and expand our business continually, or so called “The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value” (ASV) which represents a core of our business that we will still keep on developing and aiming to create shared value with society leading to be The Global Food Manufacturing Company.

From the discovery of 'Umami Taste' (savory taste), derived from Amino Acid 'Glutamate', Prof.Dr. Kikunae Ikeda, a chemistry professor at the Imperial University of Tokyo, collaborating with Mr.Saburosuke Suzuki II created the first Umami seasoning manufacturing industry in Japan in 1909 under the name "Ajinomoto" with the aiming for people to 'EAT WELL LIVE WELL' through the product development by using our expertise of Umami and Amino Acids.

“According to this aspiration and concept,
The Ajinomoto Group can grow and expand its business continually”

Including the foundation of “The Ajinomoto Group of Thailand” in 1960 in order to produce and deliver the variety of delicious product to meet Thai consumers' need, we call it
“The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV)”

The Ajinomoto Group aims for resolving social issues through these 3 key
concepts which are

1. Create Healthy Living Society

We use our expertise of “Umami” and “Amino Acid” to create

"Healthy Living Society"

The concept of a variety of product development

Answer the urban people’s hasty lifestyle

Shorten time in preparing ingredients and cooking

Assist people with modern lifestyle who have no cooking skill

Promote nutrition improvement

Reduce the use of salt while maintain food’s tastiness

Help children eat vegetable more easily by using Rosdee which can make veggie dish look more delicious

Promote good nutrition to Thais through various activities

The nutrition is the most important thing we consider at the beginning and we still have been creating Healthy Living Society through these activities.

2. Maximize Food Resources

We encourage using the limited resources worthwhile and making the most benefit out of them,

not only creates value for just one single unit but the whole world. Along with our business, we have been developing production technology in order that we can add values to the agricultural sector and turn it into our production process.

3. Develop Global Sustainability

According to economic growth from the development of industry, science and technology, natural resource is affected; therefore,

Ajinomoto always pays attention to environment

issue through these activities…

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