Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

Welcomes everyone to visit our 5 factories; Phra Pradaeng Factory, Pathum Thani Factory, Kamphaeng Phet

Factory, Nong Khae Factory, and Ayutthaya Factory which are created as Ajinomoto Exhibition Center giving a

chance for anyone who would like to visit and learn our production process, quality control system, safety and

environment, and company products.

How to visit our factory

  1. Choose the factory you would like to visit
    (See details below)
  2. Check available time-table (Date/Time)
  3. Fill in the factory visit request form and attach 2 document
    (1. Factory visit request letter 2. Visitors list)
    before the visiting date at least 2 weeks or contact by calling the factory for reserving another visiting date
  4. Waiting for the acceptance and confirmation from factory
    (1 week after receiving document)
  5. Visit factory on the scheduled date and time

Visiting Time


9.00 - 12.00


13.30 - 16.30
  • 3 hours/visiting route
  • 50 – 100/

Select factory you would like to visit

The rules during visiting factory

Dress properly
(No sandals)

Follow the
guidance of staff

Photography is
not allowed

Do not do any activity
without permission

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